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MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL by John Berendt, Metabook: Antiques dealer Jim Williams stands trial for the 1981 murder of 21-year-old hustler Danny Hansford in the historic city of Savannah--but did he do it? This strange true story of an eccentric Southern gentleman reads like a locked-room mystery, complete with conflicting evidence and colorful characters who are either proud or deluded, or both. What the story gains in this full-cast medium cannot be overstated. The atmospheric extras--including an e-book version, interactive visuals, interviews, and more--all point fingers of intrigue toward the core of the production: the superb performances by Jonathan Davis, Robin Miles, Laverne Cox, and others. Davis plays straight man to a party of offbeat character interpretations, seamlessly weaving in and out of the story. Tone is a weapon all the narrators use for the purpose of delivering a unique, all-encompassing experience. J.L. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award


BIG BROTHER by Lionel Shriver: BIG BROTHER, a novel of food, fat, and families, is told from the perspective of Pandora, a very normal woman whose life undergoes some serious changes when her 386-pound brother arrives for an extended stay. Narrator Alice Rosengard's voice is a bit reedy, but it captures perfectly the everywoman essence of Pandora and the mixed emotions--bewilderment, disgust, sympathy, love--that her brother inspires in her. This first-person story has multiple characters, including Pandora's teenaged children, her rigid husband, and her loser father. Rosengard is able to maintain Pandora's voice while leaving no doubt when there is a change in speaker or scene.



 "I found Alice Rosengard's delivery extremely easy to listen to."

"The narrator was excellent and portrayed the low keyed emotion that old lovers might exhibit when meeting again for the first time in forty years. "

---Anne on



From customer reviews:

"Alice Rosengard's sweetly arch tone throughout the audiobook is spot-on. Brava!"

"The excellent narrator delivered Kate's story as if it were her own."


 "I actually thought it was narrated by Bornstein until the end, Rosengard puts so much into her performance."

"First time listening to Alice Rosengard. At first I was missing Kate's voice but really felt Alice embodied her wonderfully."

"At first I did not think that the narrator’s voice was appropriate for this story. But as it went on I think she did a remarkable job."

"The narrator SOUNDED like a a woman being a man who became a woman. So it was definitely appropriate narration. She even did a very good job lending a feline quality to the narration."


From Opinions of a Wolf:

"The narration of the audiobook was perfect.  Thankfully, they chose to use a female narrator throughout, which fits perfectly with the image of an older Kate Bornstein telling her life story to her daughter.  Alice Rosengard was a perfect narrator.  She became Kate in my mind, and there’s not a better compliment you can pay a narrator than that."

"So many layers to the story that took me behind the scenes where I'd never been and never care to go. But I was curious. That sweet motherly voice of Alice had me feeling safe to voyage into those dark waters. I had to listen to the whole thing. I'm unsettled. I still don't understand the pleasure in brutal pain.But I also believe those who choose to share their story deserve to be heard with loving ears and not judging opinions. Kate is a good writer and paired with the perfect narrator I stayed around to observe."

"Alice Rosengard further cultivated the sultry, smart, youthful, joyful, brooding enigma of a character that Kate's work brought to life."

From Audiobook Accomplice::

"Alice Rosengard does a pheNOMenal job with narration."


From customer reviews:

"well done i loved her performance. 10/10."

"Alice Rosengard did a wonderful job narrating this story. I can still hear Ms. Shriver's characters' idiosyncratic phrases in the narrator's voice ("Panda-bear!")."

“Five stars all around.”

From Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation (Victoria, Australia): ( )‘" found the audio book easy to relax into the brilliant poetry of Shriver’s words.”

"Well done. I loved her performance. 10/10"

"Her pace was ideal."


from customer reviews:

"You could hear the regret in Alice's voice, especially at the end with the big reveal....superbly narrated!"

"The narrator for Lucy sounded very much like an old woman at the end of her life. She spoke slowly and with frequent audible gasps for breath which I would usually find distracting but in this case it was completely suitable for the character."

"Narrator voice for Lucy was spectacular."

From Frank Ball, Video Producer:

"I am happy to recommend Alice Rosengard as a wonderful voice actress, who I’ve used for years.  She is an extremely quick study and an essentially quick read.  She immediately “gets” tone and style, (and will happily trot our several for you to choose from) and is delightfully handy at fixing the little things that —always — need tweaking on set.
     Over the years, I’ve relied on her skills addressing burly, techno-scientific instructional copy, as well as warm-and-cuddly stuff that takes a completely different kind of hand.
     Alice is wonderfully versatile — a quality perhaps exceeded by her ability to be “fast”.  She doesn’t dawdle.  Maybe that’s because when you’re this good, you don’t have to…?

I cannot recommend her highly enough."

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