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MANDES PRODUCTIONS for Eisai  ACIPHEX Sales Video  Dr. Harvey


National Music Theatre Network  FLIM FLAM  Margarita​

Theatre of the Riverside Church THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES Bananas

Theatre of the Riverside Church  MISTER RUNAWAY  Raissa (lead)​

Blueberry Pond Arts Center THE LADY OF LARKSPUR LOTION Mrs. Wire

Carmel Performing Arts Center  I COUNT THE HOURS  Woman 1

George St. Theatre  POPCORN  Alice B. Coverly

NY School Art League Tour  HANSEL AND GRETEL  Gretel

Opera Enterprise  THE MAGIC FLUTE  2nd Lady/ Papagena

Manhattan Punch Line  THE MALE ANIMAL  Myrtle Keller

Theatre of Necessity/NADA  THE VISIONS OF SIMONE MACHARD   Madame Soupeau

Manhattan Punch Line  THE COMEDY OF ERRORS  The Courtesan

Riverwest Theatre/dir. Harold Guskin  LOUIS QUINZE  Natalie (lead)

Theatre for Young Audiences/dir. Harold Guskin  LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG  Ida

Samuel French Festival  PEARLS  Marina

Samuel French Festival  IONYCH  Vera Turkina

Samuel French Festival  RAGE AMONGST YOURSELVES  Gilda

Wendy Osserman Dance Co. Tour  I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY Soprano Soloist

Wendy Osserman Dance Co. Tour  THE WHOLE HORIZON RETREATS

VOICE-OVER (Comprehensive List Available on Request)

Ray-Ban, ABC Carpets, Hertz, Nickelodeon, NYNEX, Citibank, Junior League, Lifetime, Carvel, Special Olympics, Washington Post, Bulova, Honda, Valley Hospital, Lever Brothers, AT&T, Christian Dior, Hershey's Johnson & Johnson, Prudential, Goldman Sachs TV, Talking Book Productions, Audible, Simon & Schuster Audio, Harper Audio, Troll Books, Metabook, Audiofile Magazine Earphones Award

I'm an actress, singer, voice-over artist, audiobook narrator, and teacher of acting. I was born in Chicago, was co-founder of theatre companies in Bloomington, Indiana and San Francisco, California. In the last few years I've returned to singing with an emphasis on jazz standards and blues.

Height: 5”

Hair Color: Grey/Light brown

Eyes Color: Hazel


Location: New York, NY

About Me

Special Skills

I play classical piano and have over 12 years of dance training--ballet, modern, and jazz. I've worked in a clown troupe and an improv group, and worked on a showboat.  I speak French and am proficient in the following accents and dialects: Italian, French, British RP, London, German, Russian, Polish, Yiddish, Boston, New York (Brooklyn), Chicago, Deep South, Fort Worth/Dallas, Greek, Middle Eastern.

Training & Workshops

Brandeis University| MFA in Acting | Morris Carnovsky, Charles Werner Moore

Additional study with Ted Kazanoff, Robert Benedetti, Improvisation) Harold Guskin, Mira Rostova

Singing: Anastasios Vrenios, Peter Schlosser, Sherry Zannoth, Marie Traficante, Patricia Parker

Commercials: Pat Sweeney

On-camera: Gillian Goll, Anthony DeAnzeris

Voice-Overs: Wendy Dillon, Joan Bogden

Audiobooks: Robin Miles, Paul Ruben

Other abilities: 2 years with improv group;

12 years dance and movement

Supporting Actress


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